Together we inspire a lifelong love of learning, which enables all our children to achieve more than they ever believed possible

The Kite Curriculum is an ambitious, but inclusive curriculum which has been designed for all Kite pupils from Nursery to Year 6. It is based upon the most up-to-date research and evidence about how pupils learn. In both its design and implementation, we have removed barriers to learning so that every pupil can learn and feel successful.

Every subject has been broken down into specific, granular pieces of knowledge which teachers use to teach all lessons in small steps. Teachers then check that pupils have understood each step before moving onto the next one. In every lesson, teachers create regular opportunities for pupils to recall what they can remember, strengthening those memories and securing their knowledge. In addition to making knowledge memorable, it is essential that pupils see how knowledge within and across subjects is connected; therefore, in every lesson, teachers help pupils to explicitly make links to prior and future learning.

As a family of schools, teachers work collaboratively to design carefully-planned lessons for all pupils. By working together, we are able to draw upon and share expertise across the Trust as well as ensure that more time is spent planning each lesson for every subject.

We recognise the power of a well-sequenced and detailed curriculum in empowering pupils with knowledge to achieve more than they ever believed possible and inspire a lifelong love of learning. Each curriculum subject is taught discretely and given equitable time to be taught across the year, ensuring that every pupil receives a broad and balanced curriculum, which not only covers, but also extends beyond the National Curriculum.

At The Kite Academy Trust, we recognise the power of reading and therefore put reading at the very heart of the curriculum. We have curated a powerful canon of texts which are ambitious, culturally-significant and provide pupils with opportunities to explore a range of themes such as relationships/families, heroism and myths/legends.

While each subject is taught discretely, The Kite Curriculum works together as a whole, with a number of important themes spanning across the curriculum. For example, across a number of subjects, the pupils learn about the impact of global migration and the treatment of different people throughout history. The Kite Curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to learn about and value people and places outside of their own backgrounds and experiences; for example, they will learn about different world cities, religions, celebrations and key individuals. Throughout the PSHE curriculum, the pupils learn about the importance of diversity, equality and how to advocate for what they believe in. The curriculum as a whole works to aid pupils in viewing themselves as global citizens with a responsibility to respect the world around them.

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